Discover the Beauty of Kenya’s Lakes

Kenya's Lakes
Kenya’s lakes are an internationally recognized biodiversity hotspot, featuring spectacular wildlife and unique bird species. It has some of the regions
flora & fauna rich lakes that draw in large number of visitors every year. One
reason is that most of these lakes are protected as national parks; thus
they are well maintained and wildlife is in abundance.

These lakes offers you the best of bird watching; observing different
species of birds in their natural habitat in a relaxed way.

Come and discover these amazing and scenic lakes.
Lake Naivasha
Lake Naivasha
This beautiful freshwater lake on the floor of the Rift Valley is fringed by thick papyrus. The lake and its surroundings are rich in natural bounty, fertile soils and water supply. For big cat lovers, the lake yields a high number of daylight leopard sightings.
lake naivasha
For Bird & Wildlife Lovers: The lake is surrounded by a forest which abounds with bird life. The lake’s waters draw a great range of wildlife to its shores. Giraffes, buffalos, antelopes, colobus monkeys and hippos among others.

Boat Riding to Crescent Island: A visit to the Island is a must. The boat safaris lets visitors get up-close to the hippos lazing in the waters and once you are on land, you can walk among giraffes, zebras, waterbucks, impalas and countless bird species.
lake nakuru
Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru serves as a habitat for the endangered black rhino and other large game species, including lion, bufallo, warthog, waterbuck and impala. Other slightly shyer residents include buffalo, Rothschild giraffe, eland, and leopard.

The lake’s abundance of algae used to attract a vast quantity of flamingos that famously lined the shore. An alarming increase in water levels led to the migration of flamingos to Lake Bogoria in search of food supply.
lake bogoria
Lake Bogoria
The lake has no surface outlet and the intense evaporation has led to high levels of salt and minerals. As a result it has no fish but is rich in blue-green algae, which flamingos love. It also has hot springs and geysers, which spout and steam.

Its main attraction is the fabulous bird life which abounds here and attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. The lake teems with crocodile and hippos invade the shore every evening and stroll within meters of the tents.
lake jipe, turkana
Lake Jipe, Tsavo West National Park
Little known Lake Jipe is a treasure to behold. Located in the elephant rich Tsavo West National Park and lying on the Kenya-Tanzania border, Lake Jipe is a birdwatchers paradise. It has plenty of water birds, endemic fish and one of the few places in East Africa playing host to the Purple Gallinule and the Lesser Jacana