Thank you for your patience. You are important to us.

Due to the high volume of calls and emails we are receiving, please be advised that you may experience long wait times when you call or send an email. Please know that you are very important to us and we understand that this is an extraordinary time filled with lots of uncertainty. But we hear you. And we will do our very best to address your concerns as soon as possible. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and support. We will get through this together.

Our Employees are Working From Home

Our offices are temporarily closed due to ‘stay at home’ mandates enacted by British Columbia. But all of our employees are working remotely and remain available to respond to your inquiries. However, please understand that certain processes including assignment of credits and refunds will be on hold until our Accounting team is legally allowed to resume their in-office duties.

Revised policies

Given the current situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and with the aim of giving greater peace of mind to our clients, we have adjusted our cancellation policy:

  • For new reservations, booked between  Jan 1, 2021 and March 31, 2020; and between April 01, 2021 and Dec 15th, 2021, the promotion “Free cancellation policy” applies.
  • For reservations outside the promotional period:
    • If your reservation has been cancelled by us due to the current COVID-19 situation, or there is a total restriction on entry to your destination country (and this restriction is still applicable 48 hours before your trip), we will proceed to offer you flexible solutions to allow you to change your booking to a more suitable date and/or destination. In the case of stopover trips in destinations with total air restrictions, Voyages Hub will be responsible for finding a viable alternative.
    • Otherwise, our standard cancellation policy will apply.

For more information on the details of the cancellation policy in the cases mentioned in the previous paragraph, please go to the Terms and Conditions

More information

For more information about Coronavirus, please contact our Customer Service team:

If you need information about travel recommendations or prevention advice against Coronavirus, please visit the Canadian Government website or U.S. Government website

We would like to thank you for your patience during this difficult time. Given the high volume of messages we are receiving, we are using all our available resources to provide the most updated information about your trip and to answer all your questions.

What Happens Next? 

Voyages Hub Tours inc. makes every effort to fulfill each scheduled departure, and all suspended tours will be rescheduled for a different date or dates.  No action is required by you at this time. If your tour has been suspended, we will notify you as soon as the dates for your rescheduled tour have been established.

Don’t Worry, Tour Credit is Available

Alternatively, if you would prefer to not wait for your rescheduled tour and instead take a credit toward any future Voyages Hub Tours inc. tour departing prior to December 31, 2022, we will be happy to accommodate this request. Credits are transferable.

Let us know by emailing us at and confirming your name, date of travel, destination and invoice number, and we will apply a travel credit to your account in the amount of your payments to date to Voyages Hub Tours inc. (less any applicable air fees that cannot be avoided).

Travelling in 2021 / 2022 
Should a PCR test be required to enter the destination of a purchased trip, the arrangements within the required timescale and related costs will be entirely the customer’s responsibility. Once the trip has begun, should the client present any symptoms related to COVID, resulting in the modification of the contracted services, (e.g. night’s stay, changes of hotel or flights) any additional expenses will be the customers responsibility and must subsequently be claimed from their insurance company.

Private Groups

For private tours you will receive a message from your group leader and Voyages Hub Tours Inc. separately. Terms and cancellation penalties outlined in the private group agreements supersede any cancellation penalties listed here. Please reach out to your private group specialist for updates regarding your private group tour.

Update on CIBT visas (visas and passports)

Due to mandatory ‘shelter in place’ orders for all residents and the closure of all non-essential businesses, including most Consulates, CIBT visas has temporarily closed their physical offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami New York City and San Francisco. However, their websites will provide the latest guidance on requirements and consulate availability and their customer service teams are available by telephone at 800-929-2428 or via email at You may also place orders for future travel, but they recommend that you do not send your materials until they contact you that their office is open for processing.

More Coronavirus Information

For more information about the Coronavirus and related travel restrictions, please visit the following:

Finally, Thank You

This is truly an unprecedented situation, and the health and safety of our travelers is, as always, our top priority. We regret any disappointment and inconvenience that these changes may cause, and we greatly appreciate your patience as we work through this extraordinary and difficult time together.

Thank you for your understanding and your patronage. Please stay safe, and we look forward to traveling with you in the future.

An Important Message About Safety
Your safety is our number one priority. Voyages Hub Tours inc. is operating  amazing, bucket-list worthy destinations at a great value but by ensuring our travelers are safe. We pay very close attention to the State Department Travel Advisories and Warnings and will react immediately when necessary.

Communication on the Ground
We are also in constant contact with our partners on the ground, including our tour directors, before, during, and after tours. If there is a concern in a region, we increase the frequency of contact and can be in touch hourly. We do this directly with our ground partners as we believe they have the most accurate information in-destination and approach your safety with the same care as we do. We have been working with many of our partners for decades, and we have developed strong relationships built on communication and trust.

Rerouting/Cancelling Tours
We will not hesitate to reroute or cancel a tour if we believe your safety is at risk. We have rerouted and canceled tours in the past, and we won’t hesitate to do it again. We will contact you immediately if your departure is affected and work with you accordingly to revise your plans.

Emergency Contact Information
Prior to departure, we always provide you with emergency contact information. If you are already in-destination and there is an emergency, Voyages Hub Tours inc. and our partners will initiate our extensive evacuation plans immediately. The actual plans vary depending on the region and the situation.

Trip Insurance
Even so, we highly recommend you always purchase travel insurance for any trip you take. You can purchase insurance directly through Voyages Hub Tours inc. or from your preferred insurance provider.

Your Safety Comes First
Seeing the world is exciting and inspiring, and we want you to feel safe before and during your journey. We will always prioritize your safety above all else so you feel confident in your decision to travel with Voyages Hub Tours inc..

Q: When will I know the total amount of my credit?

A: If you have already requested your rebooked tour, we have tentatively moved your credit to the new booking. We are in the process of reviewing all credit amounts and eligibility and will send you a confirmation when your exact credit has been applied to your booking. We are working hard with our suppliers to try to avoid any penalties that may be charged.

Q: Can I rebook/reschedule before I know the amount of credit I am offered?

A: Yes!

Q: When will our credits be moved to our new bookings?

A: If you have already requested your rebooked tour, we have tentatively moved your credit to the new booking. We are in the process of reviewing all credit amounts and eligibility and will send you a confirmation when your exact credit has been applied to your booking.

Q: When will we find out what our airline penalties are?

A: We are in the process of reviewing airline penalties and will send you confirmation of airline penalties with your available credit within the next three to four weeks.

Q: Why would we incur airline penalties if the airlines have cancelled their flights?

A: In order to confirm the best rates for our tours, airline seats are confirmed with group rates, and are subject to different penalties than a standard single booking when it comes to cancellation. Due to this unprecedented situation, many airlines have also changed their own policies regarding fees, refunds and cancellations. We have done everything we can to guarantee the most fair policy and the least amount of fees in every circumstance.

Q: I heard that airlines have to provide credits – how do I get that?

A: When the airline provides full credit, we extend that full credit to you. Each airline has its own policy at this time, but we are doing everything we can on behalf of our clients to ensure your credit moving forward.

Q: What if my credit is more than the tour I want to travel on?

A: If your credit is higher than the amount of your new tour, you can use the extra credit amount on any upgrades or optionals. We can also hold your credit for a future tour.

Q: What happens if my credit is less than the amount of my new tour or if the tour price has gone up? Do I have to pay more?

A: If you are transferring your credit to your newly scheduled tour (same destination, same month), we will honor a price match for your new tour (not including changes or revisions to insurance coverage, upgrades, optionals, room change request). If you are transferring to the same tour on different dates that are not in the same month of your previous tour, you will need to pay the amount on the updated invoice. If you are transferring to a different tour, you will need to pay the amount reflected on your new invoice.

Q: Some other companies have offered credits to be used through the end of 2022, will you be doing this?

A: Yes. We will now be extending credits to be used for tours due to depart through 12/31/2022.

Q: I am unable to travel or plan a trip right now. Can I give my credit to someone else?

A: Yes, your credit is now transferable.

Q: How do I transfer my credit to someone else?

A: Once you receive an email confirming your credit amount, you must email us with your transfer request. All transfer requests must be made in writing. All transfer requests must originate from the same email address that received the original credit amount and provide the full name (as shown on a passport), date of birth and contact information for the new traveler.

Q: I chose to cancel my tour under the standard cancellation policy before you suspended the tour. When will I get my refund?

A: We understand that these are truly unprecedented times and therefore we are honoring our credit policy for passengers booked on suspended tours even if passengers may have cancelled prior to a tour’s suspension.

Q: Can I use my credit on another tour operator?

A: Not at this time.